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Sky,Fly,Eyes 鳥の眼になって、資源からひろがる未来を考える。空撮MOVIE公開中!

Imagining the Future of Resources
from the Perspective of Birds


 Recycling Policy

Our livestock feed recycling (Eco-Feed) project demonstrates how Oshima Industry values the pursuit of transforming waste into a useful resource. Becoming the industry's pioneer in establishing a food recycle system, Oshima Industry transforms wasted food into livestock feed by harnessing waste heat to desiccate the collected food waste.

 With Sefuri's People and Forest

Since establishing our industrial waste disposal facility in Sefuri's forests in 1973, Oshima Industry has emphasized the importance of bonding with the local community.Planting broad-leaf trees and evergreens in Sefuri's forests is one example of how we express our gratitude to the forest and give back to the community.

 Burning Passion


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